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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

If you sit during the national anthem, you will sit during the game

The Team USA head coach, John Tortorella, made it clear to the team that if they decide to sit during the national anthem, he will allow them to sit for the entire tournament. In other words, he isn't going to tolerate that nonsense.

And why is it nonsense?

Because if sitting during the anthem is in protest of the oppression heaped upon the people, as Colin (aka Semicolin) Kaepernick claims, the fact that our nation allows for the freedom to sit during the anthem is proof that it isn't an oppressing nation.

Try sitting during the North Korea national anthem, or the Russian or Chinese national anthems in those countries. You might find yourself the target of anti-aircraft guns.

"If any of my players sit on the bench for the national anthem, they will sit there the rest of the game," Tortorella told ESPN on Tuesday.

Kaepernick, whose career is on a downward spiral with the San Francisco 49ers, was the first halfwit to sit or 'take a knee' during the national anthem and others, who wanted the same notoriety did the same.

The  activist group Black Lives Killed by Cops Matter But Not The Ones Killed by Other Blacks praised the protesters for showing the courage to play sports and make a lot of money from this oppressive country. 

So did their sponsor, George Soros.

It isn't clear if any of the Team USA players were planning to protest the national anthem, but Tortorella's clear that he isn't going to entertain that garbage during the World Cup. If any of the players do go through with a protest, it'll be interesting to see how the mainstream media defends them--of course it's their right, but it's just an example of morons performing an oxymoron.