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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Hillary aider testifies

Hillary Clinton aider and FBI Director James Comey testified Wednesday that Hillary Clinton's chief of staff Cheryl Mills and another top aide had "some" classified material on laptops that they turned over to the liberal-leaning bureau in its "probe" (LOL) of Clinton's private and therefore illegal server. Not surprisingly, Comey granted Mills immunity in spite of her involvement in the case.

The Clinton aider made the acknowledgment in his testimony before the House Judiciary Committee. 

Liberals feel that the only reason Comey is being asked questions about a crime is for political reasons, not because Hillary Clinton is actually guilty of breaking the law by her simply using a private server in a bathroom to carry out her business as secretary of state, and possibly for the Clinton Foundation.

Comey, who refused to answer certain legal questions and suggested they be redirected to Clinton's lawyers, then had it both ways--he claimed the finding did not constitute a crime. So, as a lawyer FBI director, he can make that claim, but as a Clinton probing FBI director, he redirects the legal questions to other lawyers.

Of course, Comey declined to directly answering a question as to whether having classified material on a laptop or other private electronic device was against federal regulations.

This is puke-worthy balderdash politics at its worst.

"You'd have to know the circumstances," the Clinton aider told committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA).

Yes, Jason Chaffetz was right when he said the FBI handed out immunity "like candy." Kind of like a load of candy.