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Friday, September 23, 2016

Charlotte continues to riot

Charlotte, N.C. -- The scene is ugly with angry people who appear to care more about creating anarchy and looting than the actually protesting for a cause. These are not protests--when windows are smashed and businesses are looted, that's a riot.

And so we have another night in Charlotte where the mob is out of hand. A white man beaten and dragged by the miscreants and the brother of Keith Lamont Scott having his 15 minutes of fame as he tells the media that all white people are "devils." 

I understand his pain, but I condemn his racism. 

We've reached a point where it's acceptable for blacks to express racism and for liberals to condemn conservatives with more anger directed at them for wanting better vetting for refugees than they express over terror attacks and rapes by those refugees.

Officials in Charlotte appealed for calm and it did little to stop the rioting. Police made 44 arrests and one civilian was shot and later died. Police say it was a rioter who shot him and the rioters say it was a cop.

A man identified as Scott's brother said, "Just know that all white people are f****** devils, all white cops are f****** devils and white people."

But the cop who shot Scott was also black.

Al Race-Baiter Sharpton said that black cops are different toward black people, implying that black cops are racist against black people. Sharpton is about as 'sharp' as a puddle.  

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory declared a state of emergency and called in the National Guard after the Charlotte police chief called for additional help.

Sean Hannity was so concerned about the rioting that he only devoted 47 minutes of his show to praise Donald Trump.

"The events that we saw last night are not the Charlotte I know and love," said Mayor Jennifer Roberts at a news conference. "They are not reflective of our community, of the deep-seated traditions we have of collaboration and peace." She called for a "full, transparent investigation" as opposed to a Comey-style FBI type of investigation.

Police Chief Kerr Putney, an African-American, would not commit to releasing video of the incident to the public, which is probably wise.

The shooting that took place in Tulsa, OK was a different scenario: a white, female cop shot an unarmed black man and now she is up on charges. The Charlotte shooting allegedly involved an armed man. But when it suits their agenda, groups like Black Lives Matter and the New Black Panthers lump them in together to give them an excuse to riot, loot and harm innocent people.

The country is on the road to perdition if things don't change.