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Friday, September 9, 2016

Bill Cosby's wife claims racism is to blame for his cheating

You knew him as that lovable guy who hawked Jello to kids, as Doctor Huxtable and the buddy of Fat Albert (which he never got called on for his "fatist" stance) Bill Cosby, now 79, frequently admonished blacks for using the "race card." 

But now the shoe is on the other foot, roles have reversed and the tables have turned. 

Cosby's lawyers are blaming racial bias by 12 white women of the total of 13, who were drugged and sexually molested by the comedian for the fact that they came forward to allege this claim.

"If my client were white, those white women would have laid back and let nature take its course," Fred Fartworthy, Cosby's attorney said. "But Mr. Cosby has been black his entire life and must deal with the racism so prevalent in this country. So prevalent that we now have famous black quarterbacks and others not standing for the national anthem because they have been so oppressed, like my poor, black client."

Fartworthy may have been alluding to Colin Kaepernick who took a knee in honor of all the oppressed minorities in this oppressive country where we "may have elected a black president twice, but we sure aren't going to elect him again . . . that's racist," he said.

But Fartworthy wasn't finished. He spoke on the courthouse steps: "Just because a fine man like William Cosby enjoys women is no reason to demonize him. Now get outta my way."

Mr. Cosby's wife, Mrs. Cosby, said that Bill would have never cheated on her if those women were black because he's a racist who actually hates his own heritage.