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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Some conspiracy theories might be true

I am not a conspiracy theorist. I am not a big fan of Alex Jones because he makes everything sound like a conspiracy--like Jesus had help moving the stone away from in front of the cave he was placed in after being taken off the cross.

But there is something about the $400 million in ransom money the Obama administration paid Iran for the release of four hostages.

Yes, I called it ransom money because anyone with an IQ about room temperature knows that a 37 year old debt being paid the same day as a hostage release is proof the Democrats think the American people are stupid. They're only half right and it's the left who are that believe them.

However, the Justice Department is saying that they didn't want the money released to Iran on the same day the hostages were to be set free because it was bad optics and the public would see the money as ransom cash.

Now here's my conspiracy theory: what if (all conspiracy theories should begin with a "what if" beginning) the Justice Department was told to communicate their concerns about the optics of the transaction to the State Department as a way of legitimizing the deal? 

In other words, by the DoJ saying sending the money the same day looks bad, that in itself makes the deal sound legitimate. Then ,when the State Department responds to the DoJ with a "hell no, it's a go," it makes it seem as if the State Department just messed up and the deal was kosher. 

After all, it isn't a stretch that the State Department messes up--they hired Marie Harf, John Kirby and Lurch Kerry.

"Oh gee, Department of Justice--you were right this time--we should have waited to send the money."

But it was ransom money--let's not lose sight of that.