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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Islamic terrorist parent supports Hillary

If you were running for president as a progressive Democrat, the one person you'd want on your side would be the parents of a cop killer, or a terrorist. That's what liberals call being inclusive.

In a Hillary campaign event on Monday,  the father of Omar Mateen, the Orlando terrorist, was just steps away from her as she yelled lies to the crowd of cheering America-haters. 

A fire-proof American flag was being waved in the background by Mateen's father as Hillary blathered on, even as she paid saccharine tribute to the victims of his son's terror attack and condemned his "hatred."

Siddique Mateen, the man whose seed created his terrorist son, was first noticed by WPTV in Florida.  The TV affiliate later interviewed Mateen who was holding up a pro-Clinton banner calling her "good for national security" and "gun control laws."

The TV affiliate never asked him what he meant by "good" in reference to national security. Would it have been "good" if national security was so lax, that he would still have his son today, perhaps on the lam, but still alive?

Mateen claimed he was "invited" to the Kissimmee, Florida rally, but also suggested the invitation may have been from a mass email. 

The Clinton campaign lied on Tuesday, one suspects, that they weren't aware of his presence at one of Clinton's largest rallies yet, topping 3,000 leftists with no idea who Hillary Clinton really is. The event was " . . . a 3,000-person, open-door event for the public," one campaign official said. "This individual wasn't invited as a guest and the campaign was unaware of his attendance until after the event," the official swore.

But some say his fingers were crossed behind his back; this is, thus far, unsubstantiated. 

Knowing how sympathetic liberals are to the Muslim plight after a Muslim terror attack, having Seddique Mateen present indicates to them, her inclusiveness of all people, terrorist and victim.

To some, however, Mateen's presence at the rally directly behind Hillary in full view of the cameras seemed to clash with her message, when she thanked local officials and officers (who generally do not endorse the cop-hating wench) who responded to the Pulse Nightclub slaughter of 49 people--the worst attack on American soil since 9/11.

As usual with clueless politicians, the former First Liar had no real solutions. "I know how many people, family members, loved ones, friends are still grieving. We will be with you as you rebuild your lives . . . because we can't ever let that kind of hatred and violence break the spirit, break the soul of anyone in America." 

When she said that "We will be with you," she actually meant "you're on your own." The Democratic Party still refuses to clearly describe the enemy, their motivation and what needs to be done. Instead, they go to their own agenda of gun control, as if disarming law abiding people will somehow protect them from lawless terrorists.

Siddique Mateen supports the Taliban and even declared himself the leader of a "transitional" Afghanistan government. He reportedly hosts a TV talk show in California aimed at Afghans living in the U.S. and openly condemns homosexuality, although he agrees that Omar had no right to kill them. 

(Perhaps he thinks executing gays should have been done legally via Sharia law.)

According to WPTV, Seddique wanted to give them an interview when one reporter saw him at a rest stop later in the evening. He claims that he had been "invited" by the Democratic party, but when the reporter asked if he was personally invited or received a chain email invite, he said, "I'm a member, so as a member I get the invitation, so it's nothing particular about it," adding "It's a Democratic Party so everybody can join."

Ironically, with 3,000 others in the crowd, it's noteworthy how incredibly great Seddique's seat was.

He called Hillary "good for [the] United States versus Donald Trump." 

That might have something to do with the fact that Trump is actually identifying the problem, which, let's face it,  is not in the best interest of Islamists like Mateen and his ilk.