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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Iran harasses our Navy again

Iran is at it again. Four of their Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) "harassed" an American destroyer in the Strait of Hormuz Tuesday, according to a U.S. Navy official. 

I can already hear liberals asking: "What did we do this time to piss them off?"

The Navy official said the Iranian warships carried out a "high-speed intercept" and two of their vessels came within 300 yards of the USS Nitze (DDG-94) am Arleigh-Burke-class destroyer named after Paul Nitze, the Secretary of the Navy under President Lyndon B. Johnson and chief arms control adviser in the Reagan administration.

The Navy official said the incident was "unsafe and unprofessional" and that the Iranian vessels "created a dangerous, harassing situation that could have led to further escalation."
USS Nitze

I don't believe Iran was worried the U.S. Navy was going to do anything more than they did when the IRGC captured 10 of our sailors in the same region back in January. Nothing was done then by the Obama administration, and the sailors were released after being held for 15 hours. So why would Iran think we would do anything now?

The USS Nitze was accompanied by guided missile destroyer USS Mason on what was said to be a "routine transit" in international waters at the time of the embarrassing incident.

As the Iranian jihadists closed in, the Nitze tried to make radio contact a dozen times with no response. The Iranians continued to play 'chicken' as they stayed on crash course. The Nitze sounded 5 short blasts on its whistle, an international signal of danger. The game of 'chicken' continued. The Nitze chickened out and changed course to avoid a kerfuffle and in the process, almost sailed into offshore oil rigs.

Sadly, we are no longer respected or feared by our enemies, nor are we trusted by our allies.
Even more sadly, I don't blame them.