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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Another American detained by Iran will be charged

Iran has yet again detained an American and accused him of acting against the country's security interests, according to The Foreign Desk. They plan to indict him on charges of espionage.

He is Gholamreza Shahini, 46, (his friends call him Robin) and he came under suspicion for allegedly participating in the Green Revolution of 2009, a movement against the government, and collaborating with the U.S. State Department-backed Voice of America, according to the indictment that will be read at a Revolutionary Court.

Shahini will also be charged with blasphemy for insulting 'the reverend' on Facebook, but it is unclear as to whether or not Allah has a computer or knows how to operate one.

The indictment is represents the first known charges against an American citizen since we paid ransom for the last 4 Iran released in January, but it will undoubtedly not be the last, thanks to President Obama. In fact, there is now a strong likelihood that ISIS will play the same ransom game to fund their terrorism like Iran is doing.

Shahini lived in San Diego for 16 years and went to Gorgan, Iran to visit his sick mother in June. A few days later, Judiciary spokesman Gholamhossein Mohseni Ejei (who is only missing the letter "u" to have all the vowels in his name) confirmed Shahini's kidnapping (they call it detention).

His family said that agents from the Revolutionary Guard came to his mother's home on July 11 and arrested him, seized his laptop and mobile phone and threatened the family if they spoke to the media.

Photos from Shanini's phone were published on a website associated with the Revolutionary Guard that showed him meeting with Abolhassan Banisadr, a former Iranian president now living in exile in France. Another photo was Shahini with Reza Pahlave, the son of the late Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.

Iran alleges that Shahini has close ties with Pahlavi's National Council of Iran, an organization created to overthrow their theocratic dictatorship. They also allege that Shahini was sent by the U.S. intelligence services to create turmoil.

If true, there is a strong likelihood that Iran is employing clairvoyants who are able to know the motivations of others.

Shahini is being held [hostage] in Gorgan's prison and is said to be suffering from several health issues, including asthma. This is significant because he has allegedly been taken to smoking designated areas of the prison, knowing that he suffers from the disease, and has been denied medicine because it isn't in the Koran.

The State Department confirmed in July that they're looking into Shahini's case but wouldn't comment further. 

It is unclear how much money Iran might demand for his release, if indeed, he was not in Iran to make trouble, but the State Department declined further comment.

Another American, former FBI agent Robert Levinson, is still missing in Iran since his 2007 disappearance from Kish Island. Iran has denied [read: 'lied'] any suggestions that he was kidnapped and then tortured for information by the Revolutionary Guard.