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Saturday, July 9, 2016

YouTube's head is up its tube

Screen grab from the video

I remember several years ago inadvertently coming across a YouTube video depicting a captive of an Islamist group being drawn and quartered, not by horses, as done in the "good old days,"but by jeeps going in different directions.

 I still cannot get that horribly barbaric image out of my head--it really affected me.

Since then, YouTube has incorporated a new "hate speech" policy and those videos of Islamic terrorism (for that's exactly what it is and I say so unapologetically) have been taken down from the site.

But in applying its new policy, YouTube has removed a video posted by an anti-extremist organization known as CounterJihad.com. The only reason one can extrapolate from removing a video that goes against hate speech and hateful behavior is that YouTube has its head up its tube.

The CounterJihad.com video depicts how Islamic ideology, Sharia governance (Islamic law) in particular, along with the goal of a sharia-governed global caliphate, is behind the terrorism and justifies it as a religious pursuit.

If you're interested in seeing the video, you can watch it here

I believe any reasonable person would agree that hate speech is unacceptable in social media and needs to be eliminated. But discussing the ideology behind hate speech does not equate to hate speech itself. That's an absurdity that boggles the mind.

We really need to stop pretending that all cultures and religions are equally moral and the same as those in the West. They are not the same and there is no moral equivalency as the left would have us believe.