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Thursday, July 7, 2016


UPDATE: (9:40 pm local time) Dallas police have surrounded a building where they believe a shooter has holed up.  The status on the 2 police officers is still unknown to the public.

A follower on Twitter (Hereistheanswer)  said that they are currently in Dallas tweeting: "I'm in Dallas. The protests were very peaceful up until the point when the two officers were shot. 10 shots rang out.

Others report over a dozen and one person who was one of the protest leaders told the media that it was over 20 shots that were fired.

One eyewitness, Michael Bautista, said it was very scary and he didn't know what was going on. He was in the rally taking photos and was part of the march. He was across the street walking with others and the shots came from down the street and he saw a downed officer.

"It's just been very crazy tonight--it was like a war zone," he said. 

He saw the officer get hit and rounds hitting the police cars. He thought the shots were coming from a parking garage but said that it was just an echo and that they were coming from the street below.