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Friday, July 22, 2016

ISIS celebrates Bastille Day with beheadings

Stereotypes: Christians have their Bingo, Hindus have their Dewali and Holi,  Jews have their bagels and lox, and Islamists have their beheadings.

The Islamic State celebrated the Bastille Day massacre by videotaping the beheading of two captives in red, prison jumpsuits, using serrated knives as they declare the Bastille Day terrorist a martyr for slaughtering infidels.

Slaughtering, the ultimate "good deed" for jihadists.

The Muslim radicals blame the "French people" for financing the "Jewish army and the massacres against Muslims in Palestine and the bombing in Iraq and Syria and all other places of the Muslim community."

Yes, the Muslims are the victims here. The poor Palestinians only kill Jewish families with knives and cars and guns and lob rockets at Israeli schools because of all the bad things the Jews have done to them.

Specifically, the Jews have defended themselves and the Palestinians would rather they offer them their necks for the slaughter.

Anti-Semitism has skyrocketed over the years and the Islamic community can claim a good portion of the credit for that "accomplishment." After all, they pray the Al Fathiha, an antiChristian, anti-Semitic prayer said at least 17 times a day and the first prayer to start their "worship.' 

And while the morons of the Islamic State blame the French for helping the Jews, these jihadist are murdering other Muslims on a global scale, killing within their own ranks, slaughtering Christians, Hindus, gays, lesbians and atheists at an alarming rate, but they always end up blaming the West and especially Israel .  .  .  it's their religious duty.

The seven minute video was posted on YouTube after the attack in Nice, France when an Islamic jihadist drove his 19-ton truck into the crowd, killing 84 and injuring hundreds more. The video opens with jihadi music sung in harmony as it shows the international media coverage. 

Next, the video shows urban ruin and the images of wounded babies that they claimed occurred after the U.S.-led coalition bombed Mosul. 

Propaganda, the real recruiting tool, not Donald Trump.

The last scene is the beheading scene--enough said.

One of the scumcrumpets speaks to the camera in French and says:
"Today we are greeting you to celebrate the attack in Nice. Oh Mohamed [referring to the Nice attacker who was finally killed in the attack] may Allah accept you in heaven. This is the price of the French people . . . their taxes are financing the Jewish army and the massacres against Muslims in Palestine and the bombing in Iraq and Syria and all other places of the Muslim community. They are sending their armies to bomb Muslim women and children. They are attacking us in our houses and we will pay back twofold, for every rocket that will land here, we will not hesitate in that Francois Holland. Our attacks against you will be stronger."
Always the victim, never the aggressor. 

The second jihadist also speaking French says: 
"Look Francois Holland, these scenes [the beheadings] will be soon with your citizens in the streets of Paris, Marseille, Nice and all over France."
"This is the message to France," one of them says as they hold up the severed heads, "for every rocket that fell on our women and children [who they also teach to behead infidels]. You will pay the price. With your announcement of was against Islam you announced a war against Allah, and will be defeated . . ."

If you have sympathy for these barbarians, or blame the West, you might be a liberal.