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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Donald doesn't duck but misses the point

It's a terrible thing to lose your son in a war. It's worse to politicize it because when you do, the target of your political assault has every right to return fire, as it were.

Khizr and Ghazala Khan lost their son, Humayan Khan in the Iraq war. That is a terrible thing and Humayan is a hero.

Khizr Khan and his wife, Ghazizi, appeared on the DNC stage demanding that Donald Trump read the Constitution, and if he didn't have a copy, Khizr would be happy to give him his, as he pulled the pocket Constitution and held it high. His hijab-clad wife said not a word throughout the drama.

"You have sacrificed nothing and no one," Khan said, addressing Trump through the magic of television, as he held his hand over his heart, the new 'tell' that indicate liberals are in the process of lying about something.

Trump, as is his wont, replied to the Khans. Unfortunately, he missed his chance to put his ego aside and make a better point than he ended up making.

Trump spoke to Maureen Dowd of the New York Communist Times, stating, "I'd like to hear his wife say something." 

Later, in an interview with George Stephanopoulos of ABC News, Trump made it clear what he meant by the first quote when he said: "I saw him [Khizr Khan]. He was very emotional and probably looked like a nice guy to me. His wife . . . if you look at his wife, she was standing there. She had nothing to say. She probably, maybe she wasn't allowed to have anything to say. You tell me. But plenty of people have written that. She was extremely quiet, and it looked like she had nothing to say. A lot of people have said that."

Stephanopoulos said to Trump, "He says, 'You have sacrificed nothing and no one.'"

Trump replied, "Who wrote that, did Hillary's scriptwriters write it?"

"How would you answer that father? What sacrifices have you made?" he asked Trump, in that liberal media ambush way they get you.

And here is where Trump screwed up, I believe. He said, "I think I've made a lot of sacrifices. I've worked very hard. I've created thousands and thousands of jobs, tens of thousands of jobs."

That's when George asked, "Those are sacrifices?" Another 'got ya' moment.

"Sure, I think they're sacrifices. I think when I can employ thousands and thousands of people, take care of their education, take care of so many things," Trump said. "Even the military. I mean, I was very responsible along with a group of people for getting the Vietnam Memorial built in downtown Manhattan, which to this day people thank me for.

"I raised and I have raised millions of dollars for the vets."

Those are not sacrifices and didn't answer the question. Donald missed the point.

If you remember, Trump had declined participating in the Fox News GOP debate and held a fundraiser instead. He said he raised millions of dollars for veterans' charities and contributed one million dollars of his own money. The Washington Post investigated and found that he overstated the amount that was raised and contributed and that Trump didn't make a personal contribution. It was only after that article that Trump wrote a check.

But that isn't the problem.

First of all, rather than defending himself over his 'sacrifices,' he should have addressed the fact that Hillary voted for the war in Iraq while he opposed it. Humayan Khan would have not died if Trump was in command. 

He didn't say that.

Second, Trump should have asked Dowd and Stephanopoulos the same question: "What have the Clintons ever sacrificed? After all, Bill Clinton dodged the Vietnam War draft and Hillary's move to kill Osama bin Laden was a no brainer.

Finally, while many Trumpsters will hate me for saying this, I believe it was a bad idea to go after Ghazala Khan. Trump may he totally correct that she was told to keep her female Muslim mouth shut, but in a later interview with Communist media moron, Lawrence O'Donnell, she made a case for being too emotionally overwrought, which made Trump look foolish.

Trump needs to win this election against "Shoutin' Hillary." But he needs to put his narcissistic ego aside (all politicians are narcissistic--every one of them), stop with the name-calling (I need to listen to my own advice) and go after Hillary on the real issues: Benghazi, her emails, her refusing to have a real press conference for over 200 days, her contradictory stances regarding what she will do as POTUS, her salary discrepancies with women on her staff, and the Clinton Foundation's foreign connections with terrorist nations and those that are misogynistic. 

And that's just for starters.

Facts. Stick to the facts and keep hammering at them, Mr. Trump. You need to convince independent voters that you're the real deal . . . and I believe you are. 

Oh, and don't be afraid of using bigger words. We're smarter than you think.