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Monday, July 25, 2016


I was watching the DNC kick off as the Bernie supporters held up signs "No TPP" regarding the trade agreement that Clinton supports. They are yelling like crazy as I watch on Fox News.

Meanwhile on CNN, Jake Tapper, a guy who I feel is an honest journalist, is talking about the interruptions that are taking place. The Hillary bots are yelling back at the Bernie bots and it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas for Trump.

The Bernie protest is well-organized and focused on the TPP that apparently has taken over the convention.

Scheduled for tonight, Elizabeth Warren, (aka Fauxcahontis) will lecture the Democrats about how nobody in this country has become successful all by themselves. 

Even track stars have to give credit to those who are slower for having been born slower than they are. Without slower runners, there would be no track stars.

The same holds true for entrepreneurs who take personal risks based on their knowledge of what will work.  They cannot take full credit because without people to buy their product, they would not be successful.

Michelle Obama will also speak later tonight and I'm betting she'll go for the laugh and plagiarize Melania Trump's speech that plagiarized hers. it should be a hoot.

Hillary has already pulled the "Ignorance Card" when it came to the garbage the DNC pulled to support her over Bernie Sanders. She is also likely to pull the "Victim Card" and the "Gender Card" to make her case.

She will likely avoid the "Honesty Card."

This is looking good for DJT.