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Saturday, July 30, 2016

DCCC computers hacked, Clinton: "What, like with a saw?"

No, the Clinton campaign computers were not hacked by "What, like with a saw?" They were hacked by hackers who may have also hacked Hillary's private server. 

We don't know for certain that Clinton's private server was hacked when she was the incompetent secretary of state, but there is little reason to believe it wasn't. It had less security than a simple Google email account, according to experts.

Anyway, Nick Merrill, a spokesman for Clinton revealed the information about the hacking on Friday, stating that the cyber breach was part of a larger cyber attack on the DNC. The information was made public this week. 

The violation occurred in a DNC data program used by the Clinton campaign and "a number of other entities," Merrill said, cryptically.  He also said that security experts hired by the Clinton campaign  found "no evidence" that the campaign's internal systems were hacked, either with a hacksaw or by any other means.

The Clinton-supporting FBI is "investigating" the breach as well as another attack on the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC). 

Reuters was first to report the investigation and said the Justice Department's national security division was trying to determine whether the cyberattacks were a national threat.

While the FBI didn't mention the Clinton campaign by name, they said it was aware of reporting "on cyber intrusions involving multiple political entities, and is working to determine the accuracy, nature and scope of these matters."

The hacking report comes the same day the cyberattack on the DCCC (an organization that raises money for Democratic congressional candidates, like the Clinton Foundation raises money for the Clintons political ambitions) was made public. The DCCC hack is very similar to the DNC files breach.

So-called President Barack Hussein Obama said Russia was almost certainly responsible for the DNC hack, (with the blessings of Donald J. Trump, he implied) and experts agree. In fact, two cybersecurity firms said they found evidence pointing to the Russians that involve the DNC hack attack when they analyzed the methods that were used--put that in your borscht and eat it, Vladimir.

The hacker groups, identified as Cozy Bear and Fancy Bear, used sophisticated techniques to break into the DNC database to attempt avoiding detection. Most of the emails seem to have been hacked since May 25th.

The DNC breach resulted in about 19,000 internal emails being made public by WikiLeaks. And while the Obama-Clinton folks would like to see Julian Assange dead, the GOP would like to buy him a beer and talk about stuff.

The DNC leak led to Debbie Wasserman Schultz to step down from her role as Hillary Advocate against Bernie, but that was just a smokescreen as she now is Hillary's 'go-to girl' for the campaign to make America socialist.

One private sector cybersecurity firm, FireEye, told Fox News that after analyzing the malware used for the hacking, it was carried out by a Russian government aligned hacking group called "Tsar Team (APT28)." 

This group is notorious for hacking foreign targets on behalf of Putin. The group's slogan is: "Reset Button, Schmeset Button. Ha." They've even choreographed a dance to go along with it.

The hacking situation and indications of Russian involvement has made a political issue in the U.S. presidential campaign between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Trump asked Russia to find and release over 30,000 additional missing emails that Clinton deleted when she was an incompetent secretary of state. The Democrats accused Trump of trying to get Russia, a foreign adversary, to commit espionage that could affect the November election.

Trump said he was kidding. He said it was merely sarcasm. He shrugged. 

The fact is, Hillary deleted those thousands of emails from her non-secure private server, using the excuse that the emails were private. She never handed them over to the State Department as she was required to do. But because she is a Clinton, and unimpeachable, and would keep Loretta Lynch on as Attorney General if she wins the election, nothing at all was done about it and the FBI Director, James Comey, let it slide.