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Sunday, July 24, 2016

BBC is PC with Ali, the Munich terrorist

The BBC had fallen into lockstep with the Politically Corrupt and has chosen not to report the Munich attacker's Islamic first name in order to scrub any Islamic link to the scumcrumpet who shot up a Munich mall, killing 9 and injuring 16, three of whom are listed as serious.

Allah forbid the BBC offend any terrorists out there--that's what gets them angry, that's what gets them to kill us, when we draw a cartoon, eat bacon, allow women to go outside uncovered, or simply want to hold off on allowing refugees from Islamic nations to enter our country without proper vetting.

The shooter's name was ALI David Sonboly. He targeted children in order to make his deed even more horrible. But the BBC didn't want to go overboard with something known as "truth," that would be too, um, journalistically responsible.

It's likely that Ali David Sonboly is not connected directly to a terrorist organization such as ISIS, or the Taliban, Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, al Nusra, al Shabaab or the Angry Amish. But the lengths that the BBC went to in order to keep his first name out of the media would be laughable if it wasn't so disgusting. 

Most of the other major outlets used the shooter's Islamic name. CNN even referred to him as Ali Sonboly. 

Thanks to the prodding of Breitbart News, the BBC finally used the killer's full name.

Andrew must be laughing somewhere.