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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Ariana Grande not so grand

Licks microphone 
Pop slob Ariana Grande was supposed to have a gig at the Obama White House, but evidently when the video of her licking a donut from a serving tray in a store, even Obama couldn't justify having her make an appearance it was revealed in the DNC's email dump.

It's one thing to hang with the Muslim Brotherhood or Black Lives Matter dudes, but a Latina licking a donut and putting it back on the tray even grossed out POTUS, even in spite of her saying "I hate America," in the same video posted by TMZ.

Grande, aka Ariana Butana Butera, apologized for getting caught in the video, but she's as sincere as a Bill Clinton love poem to an intern.

In an email chain posted by WikiLeaks, an administration official asks for Grande to be vetted for the "performance for POTUS." 

One wonders what part of the video bothered Obama more, the donut licking, putting it back, or saying "I hate America."

I suspect it was the donut licking.

Why is it that people who hate America never want to leave, do nothing to change the country, and often come here from Third World countries that suck in comparison?