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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Trump goes full press on WaPo

Like him or hate him, Donald J. Trump takes crap from nobody. In his latest run-in with the media, he has revoked the press credentials of the Washington Post. 

Sure, he's as thin-skinned as onion paper but is he wrong?

Trump made his decision to revoke WaPo's press credentials (which only makes it harder for them to cover him, but they will) when a headline on the Post's website read: "Donald Trump seems to connect President Obama to Orlando shooting." 

According to the Post, this article became the most read on their website. But it's simply not true--the Post has always covered Trump negatively and covered Clinton in a positive light. The original headline was obviously untrue as they changed it without being asked.

So WaPo will still be able to cover Trump and attack him every chance they get, but they will not have the event privileges credentialed press gets and will thus have to scratch and claw other non-credentialed journalists to get close to the Donald.

For now, Trump may get negative press in general, but overall, the public is fed up with weak-kneed leaders who lead from behind, coincidentally with that part of their anatomy.

Do you believe that Trump is too thin-skinned to be president, or did he simply show his strength?