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Sunday, June 5, 2016

ISIS leaders kill their own by the dozens, "just in case"

Baghdad -- Back in March, a top dog with ISIS was driving in Syria preparing to lead his bloody band of fighters in the area when out of the sky came a drone-fired rocket that blew him to smithereens. 

The death of Abu Hayjaa al-Tunsi, a Tunisian Muslim jihadist, put fear in the hollow hearts of the Islamic State leaders and they realized that they likely had a spy in their midst because al-Tunsi's movements were closely guarded. 

The logical ISIS tactic to ensure the spy was punished was to kill anyone who might have given the U.S.-led coalition the information. So ISIS killed 38 of its own jihadists on suspicion of acting as informants.

It reminds me of an old joke I heard as a teenager: Hitler is inspecting the troops. Suddenly, one of the men sneeze but Hitler didn't know which one it was. He goes up to the first man and asks, "Did you sneeze?" 

The reply, "No mein Fuhrer," came the reply. 

Hitler pulls out his Luger and shoots the soldier in the head, and casually sidesteps to the next man in line.

He stares hard at the frightened soldier and asks, "Did you sneeze?" 

Again, "No, mein Fuhrer." 

And again, he shoots the second soldier then moves on to the next.

Finally he asks the third soldier in line: "Did you sneeze?" 

The reply, "Ja, mein Fuhrer." 

Hitler says, "Gesundheit." 

Of course, with ISIS, even the third soldier would have been killed, but the shooter is still probably a big Hitler fan.

ISIS leadership has killed dozens of their own in recent months as they attempt to purge spies from their ranks. Many members have fled fearing the worst from those that lead them.

As a warning to would-be traitors, ISIS has displayed the dead bodies of some of the suspected spies in public--as if they needed to do that in order to scare civilians. Some of the dead were dropped into acid vats, just to show they mean business--Allah's business.

Babars al-Talawy, an opposition activist in Syria and whose mother was greatly influenced by the famous cartoon bear,  said that ISIS "commanders don't dare come from Iraq to Syria because they are being liquidated" by airstrikes.

And the possible "spies" are being liquidated by acid.