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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Hillary knows she will not be indicted, how?

Hillary Clinton spoke with Fox News' Bret Baier Wednesday discussing her illegal personal email server and the FBI investigation that is moving at the pace of a dead dung beetle.

The former First Lady of stud Bill Clinton doubled down on the claim that this scandal, like all the others, will in no way hurt her presidential bid or result in a deserved indictment. She appeared to be more concerned with aging socialist and former pornographer, Bernie Sanders who is still giving her a pain in her butt as he refuses to step aside and allow her to take what she believes is hers, based on her delegate count and her being a Clinton.

"I applaud Senator Sanders' vigorous determined campaign," she lied. The truth is, she wishes the commie bum would disappear or hopefully die already. "I think that our primary contest was good for the Democratic Party and good for America," she added.

Yes, the Democratic Party should be proud of itself. Perhaps there should be a top-of-the-fold spread in Pravda about how the party has become more and more like another party in a place whose "dah" means "yes."

The woman, who even her hair color is a lie, said the probe into the Clinton Slushfund Foundation, as well as the private server debacle, will not impact on her negatively in the general election because Obama is going to back her and, after all, he appointed the Justice Department and FBI heads and they're in his back pocket.

It's nice to know that Clinton already knows that there will be no indictment for her treasonous disregard of the law. Has she already spoken on the subject with President Obama? Or did Comey or Lynch already reassure her?

Anyone who votes for her based on demographics is not doing justice to women, anymore than Obama did justice for African-Americans. 

The way that she lambasted the women her husband abused and/or raped, should be a warning of her true character.