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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Why Hillary worries alone in bed at night

You may have not voted for Donald Trump in the primaries. Perhaps you don't even like him. But you have to admit, he isn't going to allow Hillary Clinton to get away with her perennial use of the gender card.

Hillary uses the term "bully" every breath she takes, every lie she makes, every vow she breaks. Donald will make her a laughing livestock (if that's the correct term for her) when he goes after her history of attacking the women who her husband sexually abused either through his station as POTUS or Arkansas governor.

Sure, it's old history, but personality doesn't change over time. It can be covered up, but it remains intact. Hillary will always be motivated by her political ambitions and would do anything, anything at all, to become the first woman president.

But she may become the first woman to ever run for the presidency who is indicted for her blatant disregard for the law. I don't see that happening, however, because based upon what is already public knowledge, she has broken laws, and she is still allowed to run for president. 

She fired someone on her own staff for less, so she knows the law while pretending to be 'just a poor ole woman who don't know nothin' 'bout nothin'. 

Over the weekend, Trump dredged up Hillary's personal life and discussed Bill's philandering and the infidelity that goes with it as he an Hillary go after the women's vote. Luckily for her, no women were among the four Americans killed in Benghazi .

Donald, in true hyperbole form, said the Hillary's husband, "was the worst abuser of women in the history of politics."

I don't know if that's accurate--I can imagine that some of those ancient Greek senators did their share of diddling and abuse of women.

But of course, Donald knows that we understand his point. Certainly Monica Lewinsky does.

Trump called Hillary an "enabler" because "she treated these women horribly . . . And some of these women were destroyed, not by him, but by the way that Hillary Clinton treated them after everything went down." (Sounds like Donald gets his phrasing from "the shows."

Over half of all voters in the 2012 presidential election were women. Many of them don't like Trump, but many of them also see Hillary as untrustworthy, incompetent, a liar, cold-blooded and disingenuous. 

The Trump assault on Saturday probably was a response to reports that the lead super PAC, Priorities USA, has $91 million reserved for Hillary's TV campaign that is to begin next month. The focus is to go after Trump on the women issue.

"Two can play that game," Trump responded.

Donald retweeted an unflattering photo of Cruz's wife aside from a photo of his which he later said he regretted. Hillary will go after him for that but Trump will have plenty of sexual misconduct ammunition and anti-woman vitriol against Hillary and the  sparks will fly. 

While this will all make for good TV, it makes for a poor image of American government. And Hillary makes for the worst sort of government.

Anyone but Hillary and Bernie.