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Friday, May 6, 2016

UK Jews need to watch their backs

British Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, (his friends call him "Adolf") denies being anti-Semitic in spite of calling Hamas and Hezbollah "friends." He has a history of saying things he now says he didn't mean, or was misunderstood. 

He must have gone to the Hillary Clinton School of Plausible Denial.

The Labour Party has suspended Jacquelin Walker, a top member of the Momentum activist group that was borne out of Corbyn's leadership campaign over allegations of anti-Semitism. Walker was the vice-chairwoman of Momentum's national steering committee that called the row over anti-Semitism by Corbyn a 'witch hunt.' 

Thanks to social media, the truth about where she really stands on Jews came into the light of day.

She wrote on Facebook in February about her belief in an 'African holocaust' which is worse than the massacre of Jews by Adolf Hitler and partly driven by Jewish financing of the slave trade. So it was the fault of the Jews, as usual.

Walker was the sixth Labour member suspended over anti-Semitism allegations this week and recent polling indicates British Jewish support for the party has been drastically slashed. Only 8.5% of Jews would vote for a Labour candidate were an election to be held now, according to the Jewish Chronicle.

The possibility now exists that Jeremy Corbyn could be deposed over the anti-Semitism scandal involving his party. Several important members of his staff are reportedly threatening to resign in protest, and there is talk of a possible coup. 

Things have gotten so bad for Corbyn that he has been disinvited from campaigning for the Labour Party in Wales for this week's local elections.

If Corbyn is deposed from the party, UK Jews may be in for a violent response from the left who support these morons.

Why should anti-Semitic sentiment concern us in the United States? 

Because it is running rampant and has become acceptable cocktail discussion. According to a 2014 report by the Anti Defamation League,  anti-Semitic attacks have risen 21% on Jews. The violence was even witnessed in the heartland, Kansas, around the time of the war in Gaza.

In February of last year, The Times of Israel reported about how anti-Semitism has become fashionable.

I believe a large part of the problem is the fact that about 60% of all religiously motivated hate crimes in the USA target Jews and their institutions. Many of these crimes involve the religion of Islam whose scripture describes Jews as creatures descended from pigs. (They aren't so generous with Christians either, saying they are descended from apes.)

Although organizations like the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) constantly talks about Islamophobia as being the biggest problem in the world today, the facts are clear. The number of attacks on Jews in the USA dwarfs the number of attacks on Muslims. 

But CAIR not only refuses to speak on this problem, they are part of the Muslim Brotherhood and support Hamas and Hezbollah.

People who enjoy bashing the Jews in their cocktail talks, are not willing to relinquish what the Jews have done for the world of medicine, technology and our general quality of life. These cowards would rather identify with those intolerant "religious" people who would sooner they were dead simply for who they are.