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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Trump or Obama--who's the real sociopath?

Former U.S. Senator Gordon Humphrey (R-N.H.) thinks Donald Trump is a "sociopath." He would never support him and now that John "Karate Chop" Kasich is out of the race, the horse in his race is Hillary, a felon, not a sociopath. 

"The Hump," as his wife probably calls him, said that he will continue to support Kasich until the convention is "gaveled to a close." The Hump is  Kasich delegate and would go through fire and water to support him. Regarding Trump, The Hump said, "I think he's a sociopath."

Humphrey isn't a psychologist--he studied aviation and is a pilot. I believe he may be confusing Donald Trump with Barack Obama, who may be more of a sociopath than Trump.

Sociopaths are charming. It's one of the diagnostic characteristics of sociopaths--that's how they use people to their advantage.

Let's not kid ourselves, Obama is a lot more charming than Trump could ever be. In fact, that's the Donald's charm--the fact that he's so damn disagreeable with most everyone who gets in his way.

Sociopaths are incapable of love. Do you ever see vibrant love bubbles bursting over the heads of Barack and Michelle? I don't think so. But Trump's family have an incredible allegiance toward him that usually comes from parenting history. 

Of course, their allegiance could also come from the truckloads of money he has, but there's no proof of that. Trump appears to love his family more than Obama appears to love the Mooch.

Sociopaths tend to speak poetically. They throw around polysyllabic words like a monkey with his feces--just look at Charles Manson on YouTube and listen to him speak. 

Trump generally uses simple words, simple phrases. He prefers to speak to the public as if we are all in kindergarten. His big words are usually hyperbole--"tremendous,' 'amazing,' and the like.

Obama clearly is "on the wrong side of history" on this one. He uses words as if they're magic and uses our Constitution as if it's a doormat.

Sociopaths tend to dominate people and must "win" at all costs.

This is where Trump may trump Obama, but I wouldn't swear to it. Sure Trump uses the term "win, win, win," but that's because it's a one syllable word, whereas Obama says the same thing with bigger words but doesn't mean any one of them.

Manson's Einstein imitation
Sociopaths never apologize. 

This one's a tossup. I don't remember either one of them ever really apologizing even when it was blatantly obvious they were wrong. But I believe that this is a characteristic of politicians and people who dive to become one.

Sociopaths tend to be very intelligent.

I believe Trump beats Obama in the intellect department but Obama is clearly intelligent enough to have gotten by without ever holding down a real job. It may be due to the big words he uses. 

Sociopaths are delusional and actually believe that what they say becomes truth. The best example of this is when Obama said that you can keep your health care provider. And it will save the average American $2500 a year.

And you can keep your doctor. 


I see Obama and Trump both on par in this area, but we still haven't seen Trump as POTUS to determine just how delusional he might be. If he gets Mexico to pay for the wall, I'll be convinced he's the real deal and I'll just shut up.

There are several more areas used in the diagnosis of sociopathic behavior. It's difficult to know with accuracy if either man is displays the behavior because we know them only in their public lives.

What is clear is that laypersons should be careful about attributing a serious diagnosis to another individual. It's clearly unethical coming from a public figure to be labelling another. Fortunately, I am not a public figure so I can label The Hump a troglodyte.

Look it up, Donald.