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Monday, May 30, 2016

Time to stop CAIRing and cut 'em loose

Zahra Billoo a top official of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) did her yearly jihadist thing by standing behind her history of opposition to honor fallen U.S. soldiers on Memorial Day. This is her third year of doing so.

The Muslima took specific aim at Muslim-Americans who acted more American than Islamic and serve in our armed forces honorably. She would have rather seen more  Nadal Hasans, who, like her, oppose all American military who protect us from Islamic terrorism and caliphate expansion.

Billoo (pronounced "Scumcrumpet") is the executive director of CAIR's San Francisco Bay Area chapter. Her new book, "Love letters to Adolf" is due for release when Israel is pushed into the sea.

CAIR is an arm of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood and designated a terrorist group by the UAE in November. Back in 1993, FBI wiretaps revealed them to be pushing a Sharia-Islamist agenda and wish to destroy our "miserable house" [country] "from within." Those are the words of their parent organization, the Muslim Brotherhood.

FunFact: Hillary Clinton's top aide, Huma Abedin, isn't just married to Anthony-Look-At-My-Junk-Weiner, her mother and brother are both involved with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Billoo stepped in plop in 2014 when Clarion broke the story about how she and other CAIR leaders suggested that the U.S. fallen soldiers should not be honored on Memorial Day. Not only did the media go ballistic on the story, but patriotic Muslims were angry.

The Muslim woman's response was to retweet a comment supporting Americans "who refuse service," U.S. "genocide," rape within the military and accused everyone who disagreed with her to be a sexist, racist and an anti-Muslim bigot.

Last Memorial Day, the scumcrumpet said that the military often "murder" innocent civilians and she equated Israel with ISIS.

It's time to take CAIR seriously. They don't like our way of life and would have us live under Sharia law, like they do throughout the world where they are able to dominate the country they immigrate to. 

Billoo said that she is "proud" to stand by her disgusting statements about our military. People like her use our laws allowing free speech to voice her hate of who we are. But if she and CAIR and ISIS get their way, there will be no laws but Sharia laws and even Billoo will be a second-class citizen as a woman.

Note that CAIR has not fired her and hasn't even repudiated what she said. The simple reason is that they agree with her and stand with Islam, not with us. That the real American-Islamic relationship.

Have a good and blessed Memorial Day everyone.