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Monday, May 2, 2016

Obama views Islamic State as apostates

Former Indonesian madrassa student and son to a Muslim father and step-father, President Barack Hussein Obama continues to denounce the Islamic State as "not [being] Islamic and not a state."

The denouncement was triggered by an incident in Baghdad where an explosive-laden car detonated killing at least 18 real Muslims (who happened to be Shi'ite) during their pilgrimage to commemorate the death of a real and reverend Imam.

Soon after the explosion, the Islamic State, composed of  "fake" Sunni Muslims, claimed responsibility.

Sunnis, whether real or fake ISIS dudes, see Shi'ite Muslims as apostates and thus ripe for the slaughter. They also see everyone who isn't an ISIS Muslim as ripe for the slaughter, but it's a long story.

The Islamic State claimed online that the attack was carried out by a suicide bomber, but Iraqi officials denied that because they didn't want to make folks think it had anything to do with religion. You see, most people would never think of blowing themselves up unless they thought it would get them into heaven.

ISIS (called "ISIL" by Mr. Obama, because he is anti-Israel and it's a slap in the face to Israel to include the Levant in the title of the terrorist group) frequently goes after Shi'ite towns and neighborhoods, targeting public spaces where they can kill the greatest number of apostates. It's how they roll. 

Iraqi police say the car was parked in Saydiyah, a southwestern neighborhood and detonated shortly after the noon hour, killing at least 18 and wounding 45 people who practice their religion differently than Sunnis.

A load of Shi'ites have made the trek to Kadhimaiyah, in Baghdad, where the 8th Century Imam Moussa al-Kadhim is buried but not forgotten. Due to the incessant Islamic violence that is sparked by practically anything at all, security forces have blocked major roads in the capital city in anticipation of attacks against Shi'ites who generally make the journey by foot.

Another interesting Islamic holiday is the Day of Ashura, or Day of Remembrance. It is on the tenth day of Muharram on the Islamic calendar when many Shi'ite Muslims beat the Shi'ite out of themselves. They literally self-flagellate (which has nothing to do with bodily emissions) often to the point of causing serious bleeding. 

Pretty sick stuff.

Monday's attack came after two car bombs exploded in Samawah, a southern Iraqi city, where 31 people were killed and 52 were wounded. ISIS claimed responsibility for that one too.

In spite of the defeats ISIS suffered over the last year, they still control a lot of territory in Iraq's north and west. The U.S.-led coalition has destroyed some of the financial stores they kept, but it's hard to keep a terrorist from killing in the name of Allah.

The UN reports that at least 741 Iraqis were killed in April due to the violence, and that's a big decline from the previous month. In March, 1,119 were killed and 1,561 were wounded.

Obama has, in effect, given a limp wrist response to ISIS by sending in only 250 troops as trainers. The only way to defeat such an enemy is to destroy them while destroying their infrastructure.