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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Islamic UN bans LGBT organizations from AIDs conference

The United Nations needs to change its name to the Untied Nations. They have come apart from what the UN was originally formed to do, which was to bring cooperation and peace to the world. Now they bring Islam and the intention of making the planet Sharia-compliant--that is, compliant to the laws of Islam.

The coalition of Muslim states, 57 states in the UN known as the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, have banned groups that advocate for gay and transgender rights from attending an upcoming meeting at the UN. 

The meeting, to take place between June 8th to June 10th, is focused to end the world AIDs epidemic by 2030. Some Muslims still blame the AIDs epidemic on the Jews because it is the Jews who are responsible for all the wrong in the world according to Islam, but to exclude people who are most effected by AIDs is unconscionable and very Islamic.

The letter requesting the ban was submitted by Egypt, our supposedly good ally. After receiving the request, the UN banned 11 groups that fight for LGBT rights, including African Men for Sexual Health and Rights, Ishtar Men Who Have Sex With Men, Eurasian Coalition on Male Health, the Asia Pacific Transgender Network and groups from Jamaica, Guyana, Peru and Ukraine. 

No reason was given for the ban, but anyone with even a smidgeon of knowledge regarding Islam knows that the religion kills, imprisons or fines gay people. In fact, the OIC is making an international effort to criminalize the criticism of Islam--I'll be screwed if that happens, along with others who have read the Koran, Hadith and Sira.

The irony in all this, however, is how some gay organizations in North America support the BDS movement and stand behind Palestine, supporters of Hezbollah and Hamas, the same people who would be happy to hang the same gays who support them.

I don't support men using the Ladies' Room because they feel like a woman. If your plumbing says you're a guy, you use the Mens Room. 

I don't support gay organizations calling for more representation in Hollywood productions--they are already over-represented by 420% in the movies--I think that's about enough representation for any group.

But I don't support the OIC banning gays or transgender folks from being part of a conference in which they have the most at stake. And i certainly no longer support the UN as it now is more closely resembling a theocratic organization than an international secular one.