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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

ISIS executioner: a UK refugee turned jihadist in 17 days in local mosque

If the states are the laboratories of democracy, foreign countries are the laboratories of stupidity. The good thing is we can see their screw-ups and avoid them; the bad thing is, we don't--at least this administration doesn't.

A UK refugee, El Shafee Elsheikh, and his family were allowed shelter in Britain when he was a mere lad of five.  His parents fled Sudan because they supported the Communists and sought help from the UK. 

They claimed asylum, and the 'asylum' that is Britain, gave it to them.

As little El Shafee grew, so did his interests. He  stopped burning puppies and kittens and began attending a local mosque. It only took the mosqueteers 17 days to turn him into an Islamic jihadist. 

Those must have been very powerful sermons.

His poor Communist mother disowned her little  27-year-old scumcrumpet who now is believed to be the fourth member of the all-British group of religious extremists who held and executed Western hostages for ISIS. 

But the mosque is still open for 'business' because the Brits are apparently nitwits. It's as if nobody cares that terrorists are being bred within, or that they are so afraid of not being politically correct because, after all, a mosque is a religious house and no matter what, it must be respected.

Elsheikh has been revealed as the fourth knife-wielding member of Jihadi John's "Beatles" execution squad and had been radicalized and gone to Syria after just 17 days of indoctrination.

Elsheikh was a close buddy of Mohammed Emzawi, the guy known as Jihadi John, and he has since been droned to smithereens last November. 

Both of these sadistic savages grew up in the same west London area and went to the same mosque.

Elsheikh is living in Syria with only two wives and two future beheaders, if the bastard has his way.

His distraught mother, Maha Elgizouli, said her son was influenced by Hani al-Sibai, a hate imam who also influenced Emzawi.

Elsheikh left for Syria in 2012 and hopefully his body will soon be vaporized there.

Maybe this can be a teachable moment for Obama. Maybe it's time to take our refugee situation more seriously, with a critical eye on who we take in. Maybe we need to really look at our mosques and really see what's going on. Maybe taking in Communists isn't a good idea--but who am I kidding? Look at the Democratic party.

But will anything change under the Obama administration?

Only the Obama administration, if Trump wins the presidency.