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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

How a religious Iran celebrates fun and jubilation

Qazvin, Iran -- The religion of special needs is also the religion of tolerance if up is down and left is right. Over 30 Iranian students were each given 99 lashes after they were arrested for dancing at a graduation celebration, The New York Times reported Saturday, citing Iranian news media.

The punishing lashes were doled out over the course of 24 hours so as to allow the bleeding to stop and prevent killing the kids. This barbaric behavior is part of a wider crackdown that the ayatollah deems inappropriate, making his interpretation of Islam crueler than our system of justice for actual criminals.

They see dancing as an inappropriate sexual expression, but 50-year-old men having sex with a 9-year-old child is acceptable. Is it just me, or does anyone else think this is sick?

Esmail Sadeghi Niaraki made the charge that the kids were "dancing and jubilating," and the girls at the party were described as "half-naked" (and he knows because he's studied the photos for hours). What "half-naked" generally means to these puss balls is that they simply weren't wearing regime-sanctioned head coverings, long, hot coats, and scarves.

Similar raids were launched in two other Iranian cities and in all 97 people were arrested and several "polluted singles houses were cleaned" in Semnan (pronounced "Semen"). There were 23 others arrested in the sleepy little town of Kerman, Iran, where everybody thinks they know each other but it's hard to tell with the women as they're covered up so much.

Col. Mojtaba Ashrafi of the fierce Semnan police said his holier-than-thou morality cops raided 58 homes occupied by singles. Thankfully, no gay guys or lesbians were caught as their punishment would have been far crueler than a mere series of death-defying lashes.

President Obama is prepared to make a speech, I suspect, claiming that our police lash out at innocent people too, and that we're just like them, only worse because we did it in the Crusades too.

Iranians naively believed that our nuclear deal would lead to a resumption of better relations with the West, but were "jolted with a series of increasingly rude awakenings," reported The Times.

In fact, they witnessed an increase in anti-American activity and a further erosion of their rights. Several high status journalists and businessmen with ties to the United States were arrested. 

Iranian fashion model Elham Arab along with 7 other women were arrested for appearing on Instagram with their hair showing--this drives devout Muslim men crazy with lust to the point of public embarrassment. 

"Tents belong on the desert, not in one's clothing," one religious official said, wishing to remain anonymous because he feared the misspelling of his long names.

In the model arrest, over 170 Muslims, including the models, photographers, and hair-stylists were arrested in the crackdown, part of the broader move against "immodesty" and for theocratic rule by iron fist.

In October of last year, 2 poets were given jail sentences and 99 lashes for shaking hands with women, an act viewed as horribly sexual in the eyes of religious male Muslims. It often drives them toward self-defilement and subsequent hair growth on the palms of one's hands.

And the list of stupidity and sexual repression, that is rewarded only in Paradise, goes on.

Why is it that Muslims think they only get the "good stuff" after they die?