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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Hillary speak with forked tongue on private server

Hillary Clinton never told a lie . . . that she didn't like, or that wasn't politically expedient for her. Regarding the email scandal, she has changed her story as often as a mother changes her infant's diaper. 

In fact, there's a disturbing similarity in that analogy.

Now her email infamy claim about her personal server claiming that "everybody's doing it" doesn't wash with the State Department's former Inspector General, Howard Krongard. In fact, he said that had he been IG at the time, he would have started an investigation. 

Krongard also said that Condoleezza Rice did not use a personal server for government business, but Clinton did.

"Certainly to my knowledge at least, Secretary [Condoleezza] Rice did not have a personal server. I certainly never either sent an email to one or received an email from one," Krongard said. 

He continued, "I would have been stunned had I been asked to send an email to her at a personal server, private address. I would have declined to do so on security grounds and if she had sent one to me, I probably would have started an investigation.

John Hickenlooper  (Duh-Colo.) believes the only reason Hillary is being attacked over the personal email server is because she's a woman (and the reason she's giving the economy job to Bill--girls aren't good at math) proving once again that Democrats are stupid.

If women want to be treated as men, and men running for President are closely scrutinized, then Hillary needs to be closely scrutinized. 


The only reason Clinton used a personal server was to avoid Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. There is no question that Hillary Clinton was in violation of Federal law.

There is a big question as to whether she will be indicted .  .  .  can you indict a monarch?