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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Hillary may go to prison for server when chickens darken the sky

Marcel Lehel Lazar (aka Guccifer) told Fox News in a series of interviews that hacking into Hillary Clinton's private server kept in a bathroom in Colorado, was as easy as flushing a toilet. He also claimed to have spoken with the FBI in depth on the plane when he was extradited from Romania on the journey to Virginia.

Lazar told Fox News that "They came after me, a guy from the FBI, from the State Department." He went on to tell Fox News that they interviewed him for "80 minutes" and it was "recorded." He said that he took his own notes.

Lazar was flown to the U.S.A. to face unrelated cyber-crime charges.

Another meeting is expected this week at the Alexandria, Va., detention center where Guccifer is being held. He will meet with the FBI, the U.S. attorney and his court-appointed lawyer. If you're in the area, try the El Paso Mexican Restaurant. Seriously.

Muy bien.

So if this Guccifer dude is telling the truth, and it's certainly possible that he's lying through his teeth, Hillary Clinton will be in even deeper poo than before. But people like the Clintons don't tend to be held to the same standards of regular folks.

They believe the laws do not apply to them, only to the peasants.