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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Egyptian Muslim jihadists attack and torch Christian homes

Cairo -- A mob of Muslim miscreant jihadists torched and ransacked seven Christian homes like Muhammad used to do when he and his thugs moved to Medina. The attack took place in a province south of Cairo and was likely sparked when the religion of tolerance learned of a rumor that a Christian man had an affair with a Muslim woman, according to a statement by the local Orthodox Coptic church.

The Christian man fled the village but the Muslim gang grabbed his mother on May 20th, stripped her naked to supposedly humiliate her rather than for their personal 'eye candy' and security officials said the Muslim woman was beaten and insulted by about 300 Muslim men. They paraded her through the village, an act considered to be their form of "Islamic porn."


The officials spoke on Thursday on condition of anonymity because they valued their lives.

Extra-marital affairs or sex between unmarried couples are taboo among both Muslims and Christians in Egypt. However, Muslims often engage in acts of bestiality, which is fine according to Islam, and doesn't seem to bother them--as long as once the act is completed the animal that is at fault for sexually teasing them is killed.


The police arrived in the village about 2 hours after the jihad attacks began and arrested 6 slow Muslims. Anba Makarios, a top Minya cleric said the family of the Christian man had told the police about the threats against him the day before the attack.

Makarios told a TV interviewer: No one did anything and the police took no pre-emptive or security measures in anticipation of the attacks. We are not living in a jungle or a tribal society. It's incorrect for anyone to declare himself judge, police and ruler."

Sure, tell that to Obama or an imam. 

Christians comprise about 10% of Egypt's 90 million people. They've been complaining for years of discrimination. President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi came to office in 2014 and has tried to address some of their grievances such as changing the law to allow more Christians into the national legislature. And while the so-called 'religion' of Islam does not allow for Christians to build new churches or renovate old ones, el Sissi is trying to relax that somewhat.

However, he hasn't tried to reduce the rampant anti-Semitism. It's too embedded in the religion to oppose it.

Criminal gangs, mirroring what the prophet of Islam used to do to desert caravans, often target wealthy Christian families south of Cairo. They kidnap their children for ransom and lure away their young girls, force them to convert to the religion of peace, and keep them in hiding until they reach adulthood.

The police are as effective dealing with the problem as an aspirin is for treating cancer.