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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Breaking: Kasich still has voters who threw in with him in indiana

In yet another moral victory for Ohio Gov. John Kasich, over a thousand or so voters threw in with him by throwing away their vote in the 2016 presidential campaign. 

"Nobody in America has the kind of courage it takes to vote for a regular guy like me," Kasich said in his speech voice. "I'm very proud of those folks and now I can assure the American people that this race is not over by a long shot. I'm going to go all the way and we're going to win this nomination. 

"I'm the only person on the GOP side who can beat Hillary Clinton if she isn't indicted by the Department of Justice. The polls are very clear. Donald Trump is not a viable candidate."

Mr. Trump is suggesting that Kasich be tested for the presence of mind altering drugs. "You gotta test Karate Kid Kasich," Trump said. "The guy's a loser. A complete loser. I don't know, we just don't seem to be able to get rid of him. What--he's got like 1 out of 47 states? He needs to take Cruz with him on the bus home. This contest is over. I win, the 16 governors and senators looooooose!"

MSNBC projected with the Trump win in Indiana, the country has lost. But hey, it's MSNBC.

There are only 9 more states to go in this primary. The 'anyone but Trump' people are at wits end because it looks like "he. might. go. all. the. way!"

Ted Cruz is far behind Trump. If the race were a marathon, Trump would be at the 25 mile marker while Cruz would be at the 18 mile marker. Kasich would have just crossed the starting line running as fast as his stoop-shoulder style could take him, making victory speeches all the way.

The nanosecond the Indiana race was called, Trump tweeted that "Lyin' Ted" should "stop wasting time & money."

The two candidates appear to really dislike each other. Trump, who gets his news "from the shows" and apparently The National Enquirer tabloid, rehashed the claim on Fox News that Rafael Cruz, Ted's father, appeared in a 1963 photo with Lee Harvey Oswald, JFK's assassin.

Cruz thought of firing back with the claim that Trump's father was seen in a compromising photo of "Miss New York 1959" but held his tongue.

Instead, Cruz said his dad was his "hero" and said Trump was an "amoral" liar and basic scumcrumpet, the first time my Urban Dictionary word was put to public use by someone other than me. he also described Trump as a "braggadocious arrogant buffoon," to which the Donald responded, "Now he's making up words."

THIS JUST IN: Cruz has dropped out of the race. Smart move, Ted. Now Kasich should do the same.