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Saturday, April 9, 2016

The cat in the hat is caught

Like many followers of Sharia, the terror suspect goes by the name Mohamed. Like Shakespeare, there are many ways you can spell that name, but they all refer back to the same prophet of the so-called religion of peace.

Mohamed Abrini (aka: "The Cat in the Hat," aka: "The Scum in the Hat") admitted to being the man wanted in connection with the Brussels Airport bombing on March 22, says Belgian prosecutors. 

The airport attack killed 16 people who, unfortunately, were not members of the religion of peace.

Like his sweetheart, Salah Abdeslam, Mohamed Abrini got cold feet to match his cold heart, and did the chicken dance out of the airport away from the jihad. He is seen on video making book as fast as possible trying to look nonchalant.

Belgian authorities have been in a dither searching for the "cat in the hat" since he was first seen on airport video alongside the two suicide jihadists who blew themselves into bite size pieces. 

Abrini was arrested Friday in a police raid. 

In the past, police were only allowed to do their raids during normal working hours so as not to disturb Islamic prayer and the families, neighbors and friends of criminals. It is unclear exactly what time they raided the apartment Abrini was holed up in, but hopefully no prayers were interrupted and local imams will not complain of the noise.

According to the prosecutor's office, Abrini "confessed his presence at the crime scene," after he was questioned (gently) by investigators, who didn't want to hurt his feelings.

A second suspect, a Swedish national Osama Krayem, may have been another attacker at the Brussels metro station that took place simultaneously to the airport attack. Without naming others in custody, authorities said that three more were arrested from the raid.

Abrini was described by those who know him as "kind of quiet and very religious." They can't believe he would go "all jihad" on people.

Then what?