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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

"Michelle: "Shut up and eat what I tell you to eat"

In a perfect world, Michelle Obama and her husband would be living in a small town somewhere in Iran or Indonesia. Anywhere but here, in the land of the free.

The First [so-called ]Lady is now going beyond the law and has become America's Dietician in Charge. She has made the official decree of what kids in schools and daycare centers may or may not be allowed to eat. In other words, she has become America's Momma, and overruling the actual mommas of our children. 
Hypocrisy on a bun

Michelle Obama is America's food Nazi and judging by her generous frame, one can surmise that her knowledge of what children should be allowed to eat, does not apply to her. Even if it did, she has no legal authority to tell schools and daycares that receive federal assistance what they can serve and what is restricted. 

But if they don't abide by her demand, they lose their funding, and that's political blackmail.

Mrs. Obama has an inordinate interest in food, it seems, and she has made her focus on that and vacations while her husband rules the country. 

Mrs. Obama is imposing a regulation whereby daycare centers can serve juice only once a day, ban fried food, and discourage the use of honey in yogurt. Cereals such as Lucky Charms, Trix, Cap'n Crunch and Frosted Flakes will be banned and if found in the cupboards of a cafeteria the administrative staff of the school or daycare will receive 10 years in prison and share the same cells as transferred Gitmo "detainees."

All meats will be substituted with tofu. Any child found with a meaty stool will be expelled and their parents will be deported to Mexico on an illegal alien exchange program.

There will be unannounced "spot inspections" of the children's stools for any indication of these cereals or honey and parents of those "caught with the goods" will be forced to undergo junk food deprogramming initiative or face 5 years in prison.

But seriously, do we need more rules, more laws, more regulations that erode our freedoms? Do we need a nanny state forcing parents to allow the government to raise their kids? Do we really need the Democratic party?