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Monday, April 11, 2016

Iran keeps launching birds while flipping bird to US

This administration makes deals like Obama makes three point shots. The nuclear deal we made with Iran is about as solid as moldy jello and if you thought for a moment that it would prevent the terrorist nation from developing nuclear weapons, I have some winning lottery tickets to sell you.

Iran's foreign minister made it clear Sunday that the Islamic Republic's ballistic missile program is "not open to negotiation" with the United States. This was met with a predictable lightning strike of words by John Kerry, who, like Hillary Clinton, is a stand-in for a real Secretary of State.

John Kerry and his wig said during his visit to Bahrain that the US and our regional allies were "prepared to work on a new arrangement to find a peaceful solution" regarding Iran's recent ballistic missile tests.

There are Western experts who refuse to play 'brain dead' and know the missiles could eventually be used to blow stuff up with a nuclear warhead. The stuff, they will not admit, would be a target known as Infidelisbhad in an attempt to kill as many non-Shi'ite Muslims as they can.

Because Obama is so good at making deals (sarcasm) the missile tests currently being carried out by the terrorists are not covered by the U.S.-Iranian nuclear deal. Makes perfect sense if the person behind the deal is sympathetic to Islam and therefore is willfully blind to their ultimate intentions.

But in spite of the ballistic tests not being a part of the stupid deal we made, it actually goes agains a U.N. Security Council Resolution, but Iran says, "Does not, nuh huh."

Foreign Minister Javad Zarif rejects any concessions "The Wigster" Kerry is asking for, to which Kerry stamped his feet and said more words that had as much an effect on Iran as 3D movie glasses has on a goldfish.

"Secretary Kerry and the U.S. State Department know well that Iran's missile and defense capabilities are not open to negotiation," the sneaky snake Zarif said, as reported by Iran's news agency, ISNA. He made the launches seem to be about self-defense, but to Iran, a good defense isn't as cool as a shock and awe offense.

Zarif actually made a good point by telling "The Wigster" that the U.S. should be more worried about our allies arming ISIS, which was answered by an audible "Harumph" by the guy who married into the Heinz Corporation fortune.

"The U.S. needs to view regional issues more seriously than raise baseless and threadbare allegations against Iran. Mr. Kerry should ask U.S. allies where the Islamic State's arms come from."

I believe he already knows where they come from, as does his predecessor and the Democratic shoe-in for either president or prison (probably the former, if you believe in the devil).

Since they started testing ballistic missiles and whether Obama was still a pussy (if Col. Ralph Peters can no longer say it, I will), we have responded with a couple of little sanctions on a few people and some businesses. But heaven forfend if we used serious national sanctions on Iran--that might make them angry or, as an Obama non sequitur might say, "That would be giving them what they want."

As a possible face-saving ploy, Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs (not like those of Bill Clinton's) Thomas Shannon said that one of Iran's primary purposes for their ballistic testing was to make the hard-liners happy because our deal with them was so strict and limiting.

And if you believe Shannon, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I'm selling at a bargain price.