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Monday, April 4, 2016

Hillary speaketh

In a blockbuster speech in Eau Claire, WI, Hillary Clinton dazzled the crowd and received standing ovations from her loving and devoted followers. Followers who would follow her into the jaws of death, into the mouth of hell, to borrow the words from a poem I had to memorize in junior high school.

Just kidding.

Hillary Clinton speaks in several ways, none of which fail to suck more than a dwarf star disappearing in a black hole.

She either screeches, goes full-front monotone, or grates on some people's nerves like chalk on a college sidewalk touting Donald Trump.

The best part of her speeches are the endings--specifically, when she stops talking. But when she is talking (a term I use loosely) she lies. Fibs. Uses subterfuge. Tells a whopper. Misrepresents the truth. Distorts reality. Perjures herself. Casts aspersions. Fabricates. Falsifies. Invents, and uses hyperbole.

Please enjoy the video showing a curbed enthusiasm level of people on stage, hand selected, to represent the First Lady of Fantasy.