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Monday, March 28, 2016

Obama is a global embarrassment

The horrible Brussels attack didn't stop President and alleged commander in chief Barack Hussein Obama from watching a baseball game in Communist Cuba and dancing the tango in Argentina. 

But it turns out the media is questioning Obama's judgment and Secretary of State John Kerry is pulling tongue muscles trying to defend him.

The new line of balderdash is to say that Obama will not allow ISIS to dictate his schedule. That is freaking incredible! 

If the FDR refused to allow the Japanese to dictate his schedule, what would history say of him? 

It isn't a question of having ISIS dictating his schedule, it a question of his appropriate response to their actions. Dancing the tango or going to a ball game seems to be the wrong response, for some reason. It's like the response a weaker kid gives to a bully when he gets pushed.

It's sickening to have a leader who doesn't lead a nation whose history was that of a world power, and the greatest democracy on earth. It's deplorable to have our president send out the message that we're no better than anyone else. 

We are better than everyone else--we are the best nation on earth. 


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