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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Fear and loathing on campus

A terrible thing has happened in a California college. A thing so horrible and threatening to the mental health of the young, sensitive students that I worry for them to no end.

It wasn't an act of terrorism on campus; nobody was shot or stabbed to the screams of "Allahu Akbar!" 

No paranoid schizophrenic got hold of their parents' weapon and began shooting 
indiscriminately at students with better grades in gender studies.

It was much, much worse.

A California college student woke up to a frightening scrawling on the whiteboard outside her dorm room that made her soil herself in fear and call the campus police. A scrawling that, to her, was unimaginable, unthinkable, and horrific.

The scrawling: #Trump 2016.

Student body president at Scripps College Minjoo Kim sent out an email blast to classmates: "This morning, a Mexican-American Scripps student woke up to find her whiteboard vandalized with the phrase #Trump 2016."

The student believed the message was placed outside her dorm room because she is Mexican and Trump wants them to pay for a wall to keep illegal immigrants from entering the United States unvetted. 

Kim said she alerted the campus cops to the "racist . . . violence" of '#Trump 2016.' And as student body president of Scripps College, Minjoo ought to know what constitutes violence and racism.

"This racist act is completely unacceptable," wrote Kim. "Regardless of your political party, this intentional violence committed directly to a student of color proves to be another testament that racism continues to be an undeniable problem and alarming threat on our campuses."

A student wrote, "Minjoo's use of the word 'violence' is incorrect and only meant to incite anger and emotional responses from the student body. It's ironic that she talks about how we need to hunt down whoever wrote #Trump 2016 to hold them accountable for such unacceptable speech all in the name of creating an 'inclusive,' safe, and welcoming' community. Scripps is probably the least welcoming campus for anyone who isn't far left or an ultra-third-wave feminist."

Scripps College is an all-female part of Claremont Colleges in Southern California. There is a proposal by the administration to remove all trees and other structures that cast shadows on sunny days to assuage the other fears of the students on campus.

Not long ago, someone had chalked "Black Lives Matter" on campus. It didn't cause any anxiety or other concerns.

Go figure.