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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Kumbayah Kerry vs ISIS

ISIS claimed a triple bombing in Damascus, Syria that killed as many as 60 people. Just several hours after this horrific attack, Secretary of State John Kerry spoke about the humanitarian crisis in Syria where people, in order to survive, have to eat grass and leaves.

In spite of this, Kerry spoke of creating a "peaceful, pluralistic Syria." 

Based upon history, the chances of creating a "peaceful, pluralistic Syria" is as probable as creating gold from horse manure and splinters. To Kerry's credit, however, he did have the wherewithal to mention the deadly bomb blast at the end of his gloriously naive speech.

The Muslim jihadists detonated a car bomb at a bus stop and two suicide bombers blew themselves up when rescuers came on the scene. 

An ISSI-affiliated website reported the bombings were carried out by members of their group, now controlling huge swaths in Syria and Iraq, and they hope that soon it will be the entire world.

"The world needs to push in one direction: Stopping the oppression and suffering of the Syrian people and ending, not prolonging this war," Kerry said from the current safety of Geneva. 

The problem with Kerry's statement is the fact that the U.S. doesn't have many viable allies in this struggle. Whatever Middle East allies we once had, President Obama has shown them that they are on their own. 

The problem is, nothing is as simple as our simple leaders pretend to know. Even if we destroyed ISIS, there would be an Islamic vacuum that would be filled with another terrorist jihad group. Al Qaeda, the Taliban, al Nusra come to mind, just for starters.

The Islamic world has been fighting since it began with Mohammad, the war leading prophet whose attacks across the desert only paused for commercials and bathroom breaks. 

We, as Westerners, look at the problem of Islamic terrorism through Western eyes rather than seeing it as an ideology that calls for war in the name of jihad.

Yes, the problem is, as Donald Trump might say, "HUGE!"