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Monday, June 29, 2015

Marines will hitchhike to the shores of Tripoli

We've hitched rides with the Russians to get into space because we've pretty much ended our government space program. Now we may need to have Uncle Sam's Misguided Children (USMC) hitch rides on foreign warships because our Navy has downsized due to budget cuts.

How utterly embarrassing.

What if the Marines needed to land on a beach somewhere, say in Iran, for example, and they hitched a ride with the French, for example. What if the French decided that, like my dear departed Uncle Harry, that they didn't want any trouble with Iran and refused to allow the Marines to land?  What would happen?

Of course, in Uncle Harry's case, he didn't want any trouble with New York City so he continued purchasing a yearly dog license for Parfait, his dead French poodle. The critter died when he accidentally walked it  into a moving car.

 He kept getting notices in the mail saying he needed to buy the damn license, so he did because he didn't want any trouble from city, as he said.

Uncle Harry was the family idiot, just like the Obama administration is the country's bumpkins.

Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., said that, "Ceding our amphibious ships to other countries--it's almost silly and I can't believe it is even an option for the Navy." Hunter was a Marine who served in Iraq, unlike President Obama who has no military or business experience and got elected because the country's voters wanted to be part of history by electing the first black, community organizer, socialist president. (The socialist part was only discovered after it was too late.)

"Now we are going to have to ask other countries, much less financially stable countries than America, to loan us their ships so that we can base our Marines on their ships. It's almost embarrassing."

Almost embarrassing? Almost silly? Hunter needs to can the qualifiers and say it like it is: it's damn silly and damn embarrassing to have to put out our hand for help to other nations.

The Navy, with its 30 amphibious transport ships, is 8 ships short of what they need if they need to deploy to North Africa. The way the current budget is written, by 2028 it still will not reach that number.

Even the left wing Democrats like Sen. James Webb, said that "We are a maritime nation, and we communicate across the world through our sea services, and . . . the size of the Navy right now is way too low."

Webb. like Hunter, was a Marine who served in Vietnam and was a decorated officer. He was appointed Navy secretary under Ronald Reagan and why he isn't a conservative is a mystery.

Marines have been shipboard since George Washington got his first wooden tooth and there are thousands at sea right now, ready to land on some beach, kick some ass and take dog tags.

Right now, the plan is to put 100 Leathernecks aboard allied warships, along with three or four Osprey tilt rotor aircraft.

I hope the Navy already asked what's left of our allies if this idea floats for them. I wonder if our allies even trust us anymore.