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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Intolerance Flagged

Bree Newsome, an intolerant left wing activist from Charlotte, N.C., climbed the flagpole of the South Carolina Statehouse and removed the Confederate flag because it evidently bothered her and she didn't care what others thought about it nor the legality of what she was doing. She was accompanied on this adventure by James Tyson, a heterosexual man who is tolerant of gay marriage, transgender people, lesbians, and Islam, but not of opinions that differ from his. Well, maybe except the opinions of Islam. Islam prescribes killing all the others previously mentioned--Tyson has nothing negative to say about the religion of peace because either he's too scared, too stupid, or c) all the above.

For now, the Confederate flag is protected by state law, but it seems that it's just a matter of time when there will be no state laws and the federal government will dictate what the laws are--that will be the day the left will burn not just a few, but all the American flags. Maybe they'll fly the rainbow flag of the "Zero Birth Movement."

The two intolerant leftists are being charged with defacing monuments on state Capitol grounds, a misdemeanor with a fine up to $5 thousand and 3 years in the slammer, but I suspect all will be forgiven if Obama steps in to save the cause.

Newsome, a black woman, said in an email statement at the time of her arrest, "We removed the flag today because we can't wait any longer. We can't continue like this another day. It's time for a new chapter where we are sincere about dismantling white supremacy and building toward true racial justice and equality."

When told that the level of racism has decreased since the 1960's but increased since we elected our so-called president, Barack Obama, she clucked her tongue, shook her head, flipped the bird, and said that facts don't matter. Okay, that didn't really happen, but it doesn't take much imagination to believe it did.

You have to admire people like Newsome, people who don't allow facts to sway their beliefs. Courage like that is only surpassed by men who have their men parts removed and made into woman parts. These are the truly courageous of our country.

Now I don't particularly like or dislike the Confederate flag; I'm not from the South so I suspect I would feel differently about it if I was born and raised there. But I favor a spirited debate over issues such as whether or not the flag should be removed from government areas. I even support Nikki Haley's stand on its removal from the SC statehouse.

But for now, we are a nation of laws and we need to uphold the law. Yet we actually have a strong contingency of brain-dead liberals who support the idea of incorporating sharia law into ours.

For now, the Confederate flag and same-sex marriage are the issues du jour--the media has made certain of that and have mostly chosen not to cover the IRS, Hillary emails, and cyber attack scandals.

I bet that day, the day when the media actually does its job and goes after the truth, will never come and the left will incorrectly see that as a victory.

I also bet that if Newsome fell from the flagpole and suffered serious injuries, she would sue the state.