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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Deal, or no deal, even if it takes ten years

He may as well have said: "If you fail to keep up your end of the deal in these nuclear talks, I am prepared to walk away from it, even if it takes ten years for the United States to realize you refuse to comply." 

Obama deals with Iran like a 4 year old deals with his mommy for a cigarette. Good luck, Barry.

And the deadline was, as usual, extended beyond June 30th as agreed--now it has been slated for July 7th. If this is the case, that would mean Congress would only have 30 days to review an agreement, and Nancy Pelosi will likely pressure Republicans to go along with it so we can find out if the flash of light and sonic boom is a nuclear bomb going off, or a simple atomic blast.

If no deal is reached before July 9th, the legislature would have another 30 days to look over the agreement and give us time to oppose our suicidal compliance.

Our so-called president spoke about the talks during a presser in Washington with Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff. This came right after the State Department confirmed the talks were being extended for an additional week.

"My hope is they can achieve an agreement," our 'Hope and Change' socialist president said. "I've said from the start, I will walk away from the negotiations if in fact it is a bad deal."

He also said that "if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. If you like your health plan, you can keep your health plan." 

He appears to be adamant about our ability to inspect the Iranian nuclear sites to ensure that the path to a nuclear bomb is closed off. However, he also appeared to be adamant about a red line that Syrian President Bashar Assad crossed with the use of chemical weapons on his people and Obama did nothing about it.

Iran insists that there will be no inspections of their military sites and that all inspections they do allow must be preceeded by an ample notification so they can prepare tea for the inspectors, clean up and take out the garbage before they arrive.

And that if Iran signs on the dotted line once we agree to their nonsense, they want all sanctions lifted immediately so that they can get on with their lives and make underground electric plants and not nuclear bombs.

And if you believe that, you just might believe that chickens have lips and snakes have hips.

We have given Iran more than enough time to build the bomb that they so dearly want to build, in order to allow the Twelfth Imam to return and bring Islam to the entire planet. It is beginning to become obvious that any deal for Obama that appears rational on the surface, is going to be good enough for him.

Obama seems more interested in his so-called legacy than he is in the security of the country he has almost single-handedly divided racially, religiously, and morally. He is also not so interested in the release of our four American hostages in Iran. I suspect he's scared to push the subject to keep from insulting the Iranian scumcrumpets.

When the French are tougher in their demands than the USA, we can believe that we're on the path to perdition.