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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Not So Fine Stein and the CIA

When a nation is attacked, the people demand that their government provide them with safety--no matter what it takes. On September 12, 2001 nobody warned the CIA and FBI to go easy on those who killed 3000 Americans. 

Most countries act the same way when they're attacked. People want results: they either want the terrorists captured or killed, and those captured must be made to talk if future danger is to be avoided. "Just get results; we don't care how you do it."

There are no more patriotic people in the world than those who work for the CIA. And to call them out on "torture" after all this time since 911 is disingenuous, and as Jonah Goldberg said on Fox News'  "Special Report with Bret Baier" today, it is "nakedly, intellectually dishonest."

But I see this dishonesty coming from the left in other cases, like Benghazi. We have actual witnesses who were there, fighting, dying, and trying to defend the compound where four Americans were killed on a different 911. The left didn't want to hear it because it made their leaders look as ineffectual, which of course they actually are.

With the CIA report, Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) attacked the interrogation methods used to protect our nation, but didn't have anyone from the CIA there to defend the agency. This is a person who on one hand, says she is for strict gun control, but packs her own heat.

When the riots took place in Ferguson, MO, Obama put down the police, not just there, but in America. Perhaps he learned to distrust them at a time marijuana use would have gotten him tossed in prison, like a common drug-user. Then when our so-called president had a "sit down" with community leaders, along with that race-baiting Al Sharpton, he didn't have the police department of Ferguson represented at the meeting to discuss strategies. It was a message that cops are the problem, not the thugs who rob stores, disobey the law, disrupt traffic and refuse to comply with a police officer.

Do you see a pattern here?

I put up a photo out on Twitter today of three cops, each holding up a sign which, when read together said: "Cops Are People Too."

A liberal twit responded to me by writing: "No they aren't."

I simply sent him a photo of a saying: "If you've voted for Obama twice, you're too dumb to argue with." I was surprised nobody else attacked me for being racist--it's all they have to make themselves sound like they take the moral high road.

But this is what America is becoming--the home of the anarchists and thankfully patriots, people with conservative values who don't say "holiday" for "Christmas," and don't think it's terrible if their child chews a cookie into the shape of a gun. The left loves guns in their movies, and carry guns for their personal protection, but they don't want you having a gun.

Listen to me . . . I'm really rambling tonight.

Thanks for reading this.