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Friday, December 5, 2014

Hillary Clinton Might Be On Crack

Can you imagine electing a person who believes that America needs to "show respect" and "empathize" with our enemies? Are we supposed to try to understand how "Jihad John" feels the moment he cuts the head off an American aide worker?  Are we supposed to respect Islamic State or Iran for wanting to kill every last one of us? Are we supposed to show respect for Putin when he threatens the USA and makes Obama look like a sissy at a tea party?

Can you even believe that this appeaser, this woman who allowed four Americans to die in Benghazi has the audacity of dope to say such things?

Hillary Clinton is not very smart, in spite of her grades in school, in spite of her loose-morals husband. Hillary is naive and dangerous. And she sucks at management. 

She calls her approach "Smart Power," because it sounds a hell of a lot better than "Stupid Ass Whimpy Bootlicker Powerless." She thinks we should use "every possible tool and partner" to advance peace. 

Like Hamas uses words like "peace" to mean "When there are no more Jews," Hillary uses words in a very different way than they are normally meant to be understood. It isn't "Smart Power" to follow her prescribed actions; it is irrational and stupid.

Strength is the only thing that works for keeping the peace--you don't advance it, you maintain it or you force the bullies of the world to back down from advancing their agendas. And you back your allies, not kick them in front of your enemies trying to appease the bastards.

You don't show respect for your enemies--yes, you respect what they can do to you, but you degrade them if they attack and you overpower them with shock and awe. If you must, you scare the crap out of them with your brute strength and freaking force if they threaten you.

If you show respect for them, they will not respect you--they will laugh at you--look at how they laugh at Obama, the first US president to bow to a king.

Screw your enemy's point of view. Do you really care why they want to kill you? Do you think you can talk them out of it? Obama thought because he "knows Islam" (hmm) that he could talk them into loving us--how's that working out for us?

Our point of view is better--it's American and America is the best country in the Milky Way galaxy in spite of who our president is at this moment in our history. We are exceptional, not like Germany is exceptional, or England, or wherever. We are exceptional because we are the exception--we have the Constitution and laws. 

Now all we need is a new president who will respect those laws. I don't think Hillary in 2016 will respect very much of anything.