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Friday, November 7, 2014

Militants Minivans Mohammed and Mosques

Imagine you're in a small crowd of people waiting for a train when out of nowhere a minivan purposely heads toward you and slams into you and those around you. But somehow the media gives what they consider a good reason for this terrorist to do such a violent, terrible act. They say it is the fault of the police and Palestinians at the Al-Aqsa Mosque earlier that day.

The leftist media calls this terrorist a Hamas militant, (an aggressive, combative individual who supports a political or social cause and who usually favors extreme, violent or confrontational methods). Hamas, by the way, praised the attack.

"Mosque" is the operant word here--operant being an item of behavior that begins as spontaneous rather than caused by a prior stimulus, but whose consequences may reinforce or inhibit recurrence of that behavior. Now mosque is not the 'item of behavior,' but it is the cause of the "militant" behavior by this jihadist driving a minivan.

You're probably saying something like "What is this guy talking about?" Let me 'splain, Lucy.

The "Hamas militant" is (not by coincidence) a Muslim man. When Muslims are terrorists, and some of them are, they tend to place the blame for their terrorism on the dude laying  over there on the ground with his head lying on his back. They almost invariably make it the fault of the victim. (Oh, and the Koran clearly says you should hate the Jews after what they've done to Mohammed--allegedly a Jewish woman poisoned him but in reality, the guy died of pleurisy, but since that can only be contracted from the devil, Mo had to improvise. Then he died.)

 It's like the abusive husband screaming at his wife: "Don't make me come over there and smack the crap out of you!" If she was able to make you come over there, she'd be the one doing the crap-slapping, not you.

So here you are, standing on the corner reading the paper, waiting for the train, minding your own business, and you're not even a police officer who had anything to do with any mosque, much less the Al Aqsa one--in fact, you may not have even been in a mosque your entire life, and maybe all you want to do is get somewhere, when this jihadist, orthodox, Jew-hating Muslim drives his minivan into you and a bunch of other people who are minding their own business. And you're not even Jewish!

But what is this crazy hateful driver thinking?

He's thinking: how dare you be a Jew in Jerusalem. You Jew, you. How dare you insult the prophet of Islam (peas be up in him) and Alluh (poo poo poo bah) by living in a country as noted in the Old Testament , when all along, this land actually belongs to Islam, which has been around for about 1400 years.

Do the math.

The word in blue is "lesbian" I believe
Islam kills lesbians
Somehow the media makes a logical point to this terrorist's thinking. The police confronted some confrontational Palestinians by a mosque and now the Jews have to pay with their lives.

Islam will make any excuse to find a reason to kill the Jews. It's raining; it's Friday; I want to check out my new knife. Anything will do. This is the second such incident in two weeks and it has been going on before the minivan was invented by some hen-pecked guy whose wife insisted on "safety first, dear."

And we have a "president" who is friendlier to Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood than he is with our ally, Israel. What Obama pretends not to realize is that Iran, Russia, all the big guys, and even that fat cow patty in North Korea, are laughing at his weakness and his naivety.