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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Law? What, Me Worry?

At least 20 to 30 former Gitmo jihadists who had been released by Obama are suspected by Intelligence and Defense officials of having joined ISIS/ISIL/Islamic State, and other jihadist, anti-Western society, jihadist groups. Many of these scum buckets were freed in the last 3 years. And let's not forget the Bergdahl trade. Gee, I wonder how the guy is doing since his trial. I also wonder what the results of the trial were, but hey, I'm just another curious American patriot.

It's amazing these devil-worshipers would want to leave Gitmo, what with the new soccer field, Korans that are glove-handled by American infidels given to them for prayers, and better food than the guards get to eat there--of course, it's Halal.

Thank you Barack Hussein, and a hearty "Inshallah."

We have a POTUS who is allegedly planning to bring Ebola to our shores, who allows illegal aliens, many with criminal backgrounds, into our country, and provides them with our tax-funded education, medical assistance, and if he has his way, amnesty, and will not punish the illegal alien from Mexico who killed 2 officers of the law. I guess one has to respect the law to follow it.

Tough crap for those legal immigrants who have gone through the system and have been patiently waiting for their citizenship approval.

But back to jihad.

Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) warned of the consequences of releasing terrorists and wrote a letter to "President" Obama urging him to suspend all future releases of these terrorists "at least until a thorough review can be conducted to better understand how many Guantanamo detainees have joined ISIS and what we can do to prevent such an outcome in the future."

Dear Senator Ayotte: Nothing short of getting these jihadists to convert to Judaism or Christianity is going to keep them from following their scripture. Islam has never been, and is never going to be a religion of peace, unless Muslims change the scripture.

It's simple: to prevent terrorists from returning to the battle, prevent them from leaving Gitmo. If it is known that they have killed innocent people, we should do the same to them. They do not have the rights of American citizenship if they are fighting American citizens because of our nationality and beliefs. They have forfeited these rights if they were American, and never had them if they're from another country.

General Martin Dempsey chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff agreed with Ayotte but stressed how small the recidivism rate is. Of course, he has no real facts to prove his point.

I wonder if Martin Dempsey and Barack Obama would be okay with the "small recidivism rate" if someone close to them was killed by just one former Gitmo detainee. 

But that is as likely to happen to these people of status and protection as finding a dime on the Mars.