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Friday, November 28, 2014

It's Always Racist to the Left

Rep. Karen Bass, (D-CA) is on the House Judiciary Committee. When the non-indictment verdict was in on Officer Darren Wilson regarding the shooting of Michael Brown, Bass said in a statement that it "continues a trend of injustice that has rightfully created an environment of anger and concern in Ferguson, Missouri and across the United States."
Rep. Karen Bass (Duh-CA)

The House Judiciary Committee member then added: "Ferguson officials botched this case from the beginning when they left Michael Brown's body on the street for over four hours after he was killed. They were mean-spirited when they leaked information to the media to assassinate Michael Brown's character. The Ferguson Police Department violated the Constitutional rights of the Ferguson community when they attacked and tear gassed lawful protesters." Then this wise politician said that the grand jury "attacked justice by not holding Officer Wilson accountable for his actions." 

She would "continue to insist" that Holder's DoJ  conduct its own investigation to see if Ferguson PD "violated Michael Brown's civil rights."

How does she know that there was an injustice committed? Did she actually see the grand jury evidence? Or is it that she feels that an injustice was committed?

Did she say the same about O.J.'s trial when he went free? 

It's a damn shame when a kid gets killed in the streets. It happens all the time in black neighborhoods. In fact, most black kids who are killed, are killed by other black kids. We're talking over 90 percent of the time.

The evidence (now that's a word liberals hate) showed that Michael Brown robbed a convenience store, was high, and acted aggressively toward Officer Wilson, based on forensic evidence. He was not a wonderful boy on his way to the prom--he was looking for trouble.

Officer Wilson had never fired his weapon in anger but he did so this time in self-defense, according to the evidence. He also had the courage to testify in front of the grand jury--something quite unheard of due to the fact that it usually leads to a trial.

This was never about civil rights--it was about a crime. The "protesters" were less outraged over Michael Brown's death than they were hyped about their chances to mess things up, have some fun, and get some free stuff.

The people who benefited most from this tragic event were Al Sharpton and the looters. Even the Muslims got into the act in the hope of recruiting people of color to join their ranks, I suspect. But I don't know that for a fact, so I'm only speculating and will admit that.

But one thing I know is that the losers in all this were those with small businesses in Ferguson. In fact, Michael Brown's step-father could be seen jumping up and down on the hood of a car screaming for the crowd to "burn the bitch down."

So you wonder from where Michael Brown got his anger? Guess.