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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Obama Speaks As If He Knows

Remember the conspiracy theorists who said the Twin Towers was an inside job and Obama is a Muslim who was born in Kenya? I used to put them in the same category as Al Gore and his global warming bull patty throwing, but when it comes down to it, Obama may or may not be Muslim, but he sure acts like he is.

The White House along with the State Department (which is practically indistinguishable from the White House and Department of Justice) is verbally attacking Israel with some of the strongest language ever used by any administration in condemning the little country.

President Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met Wednesday night at the White House and after the meeting State Department spokes-yes-woman, Jen Psaki, and Josh "Not So" Earnest reacted to the Jerusalem's municipality approval of the construction of about 2500 homes in East Jerusalem.

The "yes-woman" said: "This development will only draw condemnation from the international community, distance Israel from even its closest allies, poison the atmosphere not only with the Palestinians but also with the very Arab governments with which Prime Minister Netanyahu said he wanted to build relations."

Josh "Not So" sounded like Psaki's dummy when he said: "This development will only draw condemnation from the international community. It also would call into question Israel's ultimate commitment to a peaceful negotiated settlement with the Palestinians."

What a load of Obama.

The administration is trying to make Israel sound like they don't want peace when it is obvious to anyone who doesn't get their news from the leftist media that they are the only ones who want peace in the Middle East. And it isn't like the homes in East Jerusalem are only for the Jews--they are also slated to be for Arabs and the neighborhood to be mixed.

But when your president is anti-Semitic, and I really believe he is, that point is lost in the discussion.

East Jerusalem is the northern, southern and eastern parts of that city which was occupied by Jordan from 1949 to 1967. Only Britain and Pakistan recognized the occupation and the Jews were denied access to all their holy sites. Jordanian snipers took pot-shots into the Jewish part of the city and Christians also had it rough--in fact, their population shrank from 25 thousand to 10 thousand between those years of occupation. They were only given minimal access to their holy sites and were forced to teach the Koran in their church schools.

I can only imagine what would have occurred if they refused to teach the Koran.

Israel is a country surrounded by Islamic countries populated by Muslims who were taught from birth that Jews and Christians are descended from apes and pigs. (Yes, Hannity is correct.) What makes those in the West so arrogant that they think they know more about Islam than Muslims who join Islamic State?

We should be supporting our allies, particularly Israel, because they need our support more than any other right now. But Obama and his cronies refuse to do that and even the liberal Jews follow him because their religion is not Judaism, it is progressivism.