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Thursday, July 3, 2014

ISIS on the 20 Yard Line and Threatening

ISIS, the fresh, new religious movement, (a Sunni terrorist group) has already taken a huge swath of land that runs from Syria to Iraq and now has control over Syria's largest oil field. This oil field had been under the control of an al Qaeda group, but ISIS was on the march and they were on the run from them.

ISIS is headed by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi who, coincidentally, is on his way toward Baghdad. ISIS has the men and equipment and with the refinery, they have a source of revenue and have become a formidable militia. They have already captured Mosul, Fallujah, Tel Afar, and Takrit and while Syria was busy with a civil war, they were busy carving a foothold in parts of Syria and Iraq.

Baghdadi (his friend calls him Allah) wants to call the area around Syria and Iraq that he has taken over The Islamic State. He is inviting all Sunni Muslims in the world to come to the Islamic State, as he calls that area that I will never refer to as such, and to pray 5 times a day for the total annihilation of the Jews and the United States of America. 

Baghdadi would also do the religious thing by banning all music and dancing; women must be covered completely lest Muslim men see skin and lose their cool and rape them. They will only be allowed to leave their homes if they absolutely must do so. If they are not properly covered, they will be raped, but if they are properly covered and raped anyway, they must produce 3 male witnesses or face stoning.

Children will learn Koran, they will not be bothered to learn anything else. The children will be taught early on that Jews and Christians are apes and pigs, but Jews especially have no right to exist on earth, and the little urchins will learn how to kill them.

Baghdadi wants to be known as the Caliph of his Caliphate--that's the head honcho. But he sees the land he has taken as a mini-caliphate because he, and all top Muslim jihadists will not be satisfied until all the world is their Caliphate and all non-believers will either convert to Islam, or pay the tax (jizzyah) to the Caliphate, or be killed, preferably by a public beheading. Anyone who does not agree that Islam is the religion of peace will be beheaded.

While Baghdadi slaughters fellow Muslims and infidels whenever he gets the chance, there are still suicidal morons in the USA who think Islam has gotten a bad rep and it's all the fault of a) how we treat them (with disrespect), or b) that it's really the religion of peace (in spite of the lack of evidence), or c) it's a Jewish plot to get rid of Muslims because Jews are actually the evil ones, not jihadists. I'm sure there are plenty of other excuses we continue to be PC with Islam, but the time has come when we need to be realistic and honest with what's really going on.

Our children and future generations need our protection. Political correctness will never provide that, and worse, Obama will never side with the civilized man, only the Muslim.