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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Hamas Fires Rockets at Israel, Stuff Hits the Fan

As I write this, Israel is under attack by Hamas, the "religious" Palestinian organization whose main goal is the total destruction of the Jewish state and death to all Jews. The Muslim hatred of the Jews has been going on since Mohammed (peas be up in him) was boffing a 9 year old named Ayisha.
Failed Bomb-making Class

How Hitler-esque.

RIght at this moment, I've learned that 40 rockets have been fired by the jihadists (or as Nidal Hassan calls them, the soldiers of Allah) that started about an hour ago. Israelis are still making their way to bomb shelters. 

The rockets themselves are Katyusha rockets first used by the Russians in WW2 and are as accurate as a liberal Power Point demonstration on Benghazi. Thus, so far there have been no deaths reported on the civilized side of the fence as most of them have been stopped by the Israeli defense system known as "The Iron Dome." 

One rocket was aimed at Tel Aviv on Tuesday and was intercepted after Israel carried out about 100 strikes in the Hamas controlled Gaza Strip. This was Hamas' deepest attack in Israel since Israel launched its offensive in the Strip. 

Obama urged both sides to exercise restraint, but he really meant Israel, not Hamas. Since the kidnapping of the Israeli teens, things have become as tense as a sparrow in a cat house. Over the past several weeks, Hamas has fired over 300 rockets and mortars and luckily for Israel, their aim is as good as Obama's 3 point shot. But Benjamin Netanyahu said that if Hamas stops the rocket fire, Israel would not launch a large offensive.

How's that working out for Israel? Not so good. Today there is talk of ground troops and if that happens, things are going to get extremely ugly. People are going to die and so are a bunch of terrorist savages.