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Monday, July 7, 2014

Abortion in the 10th Trimester

Abortion on demand activists plan to defend the Cobb County Georgia dad who aborted his son in his 10th trimester after leaving him in the family car to abort from the heat. He knew what he was doing--he Googled it.

Justin Ross Harris, took his son, Cooper, to work with him, belted him in the car safety seat, and terminated the life of the 10th trimester male. Abortion on demand activists claim that the difference in the 10th trimester is negligible to any previous trimesters and want the case to be dropped. Planned Parenthood supports this claim. 

Leanna Harris, mother of the aborted male, chewed gum in court and had little to say except to ask her husband, "Did you say too much?"

The parents took out a $22 thousand life insurance policy on the male who was aborted but may have difficulty collecting the claim as the law makes no allowances for death caused willingly by parents. Therefore, the student loans, credit card debt and car loan will have to be paid off by other means. Maybe Michael Moore can do a documentary about how unfair the law is with late-term abortions. Barack Obama can be the narrator.

While the abortion was taking place in Justin Ross Harris's car, he was busily engaged in sexting 5 women and 1 teenage girl. This may have ruined his chances of winning not only "Father of the Year," but also "Husband of the Month."

When authorities from the daycare where Cooper attends went to Leanna Harris's home to tell her that Cooper never arrived there, the gum-chewing genius said, "Oh, my husband must've left the baby in the car."

In court, Leanna seemed detached and as guilty as her husband. Perhaps a deal will be offered for Leanna to turn on Justin Ross, but I hope they are punished to the fullest extent of the law if found guilty.

Seriously, this case is extremely disturbing. I hope that something good can come from it--maybe some expecting mother out there can equate this with abortion because there is a very close resemblance.